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Uses of Binahong Leaves for Face

Well brock - Uses of Binahong Leaves for Face - Binahong leaf is a leaf that is rich in many benefits ranging from benefits that can be felt both from the outside and from the inside. Binahong leaves also have beauty. This can also be seen from the benefits of binahong leaves for the face. This leaf is believed to be able to overcome all skin problems. Therefore, for those of you who have a problem with facial skin, you can use this leaf to treat and treat facial skin.

For some people, they certainly prefer a simple way to take care of their skin. Sometimes many people also choose to treat facial skin at a beauty salon. But you do not know there are several beauty salons. But there are a few things you should know about this.

Uses of Binahong Leaves for Face

A. Benefits of Binahong Leaves for Face

There are several benefits of binahong leaves for the face that you can know. For some people, this binahong leaf does not have a very good benefit. But it turns out that this leaf has high benefits and is also rich in other benefits. Therefore you can pay attention to some of the things below.

Can make your facial skin smooth

Every woman certainly wants to have a beautiful and smooth facial skin. Many women are also willing to spend a lot of money just to beautify their facial skin. But you don't need to go to a beauty salon anymore. You can overcome this by using binahong leaves. The benefits of binahong leaves for your own face have a high efficacy.

Can be used to tighten loose skin

Usually sagging facial skin is based on factors from age and also several other things. Therefore you can solve this problem only by using binahong leaves. This leaf really has a property and many benefits that rarely other people know, one of which is about a facial skin care.

Sagging facial skin will also cause an effect that is not good to look at. This is the first problem for every woman. Sometimes there are even those who do some treatment to a salon. But now you don't need to take it out because you already know this method

Can make facial skin clean

The benefits of binahong leaves for the second face is that it can clean dull facial skin. Usually your outdoor activities can cause facial skin to become dull. This is also what every woman complains about sometimes. The amount of dust that sticks and also a vehicle fumes make facial skin unhealthy.

There are indeed many face wash soaps and even facial treatments that can clean facial skin. However, there are some face washes that sometimes only have a small effect so this sometimes makes your facial skin look dull and even less clean. Therefore, many people use this method to add a redundant result.

Can be used to whiten facial skin

In addition to some of the things above about the benefits provided from the binahong leaves. The next benefit is that this leaf can also be used to whiten facial skin. This is the most sought after by every woman to get a white facial skin sometimes they have to do a treatment abroad. In fact, by using binahong leaves, you can whiten facial skin without having to go to an expensive salon.

B. How to process binahong leaves for the face

After knowing some of the benefits of binahong leaves for the face, the next thing you need to know is about a way to process these treatments to be used as an expensive facial skin beauty. The method is easy and not difficult for you to do. Only need to prepare the main ingredient, namely a binahong leaf.

Concoction of binahong leaves to smooth facial skin

The first thing you do is to prepare a binahong leaf of approximately twenty pieces. After that, wash the leaves one by one and then slice them into small pieces. Also prepare half a liter of water to boil the leaves. Brew the water with the binahong leaves until it boils, then let it cool.

You can use the boiled water to wash your face. This can be done twice a day to get maximum results. Make sure the water has cooled and reduced from the original water when you boiled it. Here are the benefits of binahong leaves for the face that you can feel the benefits.

Concoction of binahong leaves to whiten facial skin

The second way is to mix binahong leaves to whiten your facial skin. You can do this by preparing a few binahong leaves and then washing them thoroughly. Put the leaves and water in a saucepan.

Boil the drink until the water boils then drink this concoction. The taste given by this leaf has a bitter taste.

You can also consume this drink with a little extra honey so it doesn't taste too bitter. This concoction is very powerful for you to use and even has high benefits. Therefore you can make the concoction in order to get a naturally white facial skin from within. So, this concoction works to change the color of facial skin from the inside. Regular use will make facial skin beautiful inside and out.

Concoction of binahong leaves to tighten facial skin

The way you can do to solve the problem above is to prepare some binahong leaves. Wash thoroughly using running water one by one. Then you can grind all the binahong leaves until they are really smooth until there is no pulp left. After that you can add honey to give a supple effect on facial skin.

Then you can use it as a mask, it aims to make facial skin tight again. You can use this treatment once a week to get maximum results without any side effects caused by this concoction. Therefore this concoction is very safe and can help you in overcoming the problems that exist on your facial skin.

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