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Queen Elizabeth's Favorite Drink

 Queen Elizabeth's Favorite Drink - AS number one in England, Queen Elizabeth apparently has a simple drink list. If you want to taste it, it can be easily found in supermarkets and beverage shops all over the UK.

Then, what kind of drink the mother of Prince Charles is? Here Okezone summarizes some of them, as reported by The Daily Meal, Monday (23/10/2017).

Big Tom Tomato Juice

Queen Elizabeth's Favorite Drink

In 2002, they were entrusted by the British Empire to cook their products for approximately one year. After tracing, this is because Queen Elizabeth really likes their processed organic tomato juice which is often used to make bloody mary. Big Tom itself is a beverage company from Suffolk, England, and has been established since 1998.

Champagne Bollinger

Queen Elizabeth's Favorite Drink

Queen Elizabeth is also reportedly always drinking a glass of champagne before bed. Bollinger became his favorite champagne brand that had been given the trust (Royal Warrant) to supply their products since 1884.

Dubonnet and Gin

Queen Elizabeth's Favorite Drink

It is common knowledge that dubbonet and gin is Queen Elizabeth's favorite cocktail brand. According to the recognition of the British Empire, Queen Elizabeth most often consumes this drink compared to other alcoholic drinks. In terms of taste, this drink has a distinctive sweet taste especially when mixed with gin and some ice cubes and a slice of lemon. Dubonnet is also rumored to be Queen Victoria's favorite drink.

Malvern Water

This bottled mineral water has also been enjoyed by the British royal family for centuries. Queen Elizabeth reportedly drinks several large bottles of malvern water a day, and refuses to travel without it. As the name implies, malvern water comes from Malvern Hills springs which are guaranteed purity.

Twinings English Breakfast Tea With Milk

So, what does Queen Elizabeth drink in the morning? The answer, of course, is a cup of hot British tea. According to her personal cook, Queen Elizabeth always adds a little milk to her teacup, but she doesn't add any sugar at all. Many associate his longevity with his habit of not eating sweet foods in the morning.

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