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Doodle for Google

Doodle for Google

Doodle for Google - Have you encountered a different initial Google display lately? Google has presented a doodle display of thanks for the front line fighting against covid 19. Even now it is still continuing and has even become a trending topic. Maybe many are still curious about the appearance of Google. This time our discussion is even more extensive regarding Google Doodle.

Of course, you have encountered this unique and interesting look while browsing. From here, of course, many are wondering about the appearance. Not infrequently from Friend Lakuuu trying to find out more. Google doodle is a logo change from Google that is fun, surprising and even spontaneous. Get a variety of inspiration, information and even insight via email just by registering your email Buddy Lakuuu.

Interesting Tokyo Olympics Google Doodle Display

Doing a search through Google is the best way when we are looking for information. This will make you see the latest Google logo display. Immediately do a check on Google search on the Google Doodle logo. Later, you will see a picture of a cat. But it's not just any cat's picture. If you click, you will enter a mini game. Where the game was deliberately created by Google to enliven the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Maybe you are also curious about what is actually interesting about Google Doodle. Whereas you can find the following things:

• Google Doodle's name is Doodle Champion Island. Not like Google in general which displays interesting animations. But now Google is present in the form of a game.

• No need to download and install. This time, you just need to open Google via a browser on a PC or laptop or even a smartphone. Just by clicking on the logo, you will enter the game called Champion Island. This makes it easier for us to not even fill your smartphone, because you don't need to download it.

• Blending myth with fantasy in Japan. Interestingly, the game deliberately combines two different elements. There are even several sports at the Tokyo Olympics. Friend Lakuuu will become a calico cat athlete named Lucky. Where lucky will later explore the island of champions while playing 7 mini games with the theme of sports.

• Lucky will face opponents adapted from Japanese mythological creatures. What's interesting about the game is that it's from the opposing side. For example, Buddy Lakuuu is in a table tennis mini game, then Buddy Lakuuu will face Tengu, a legendary creature from Japan in the form of a bird.

When you know the uniqueness of this Google Doodle, you will definitely follow the game. The available games are interesting and even challenge you to win it. The Google display of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics version is now the target of many people. Where most of them try to follow the existing game. It is said that about 7 mini games are available that you can play. There are even about 4 teams that can be selected as desired. The 7 mini games that have been presented are a number of sports that will later be contested at the Tokyo Olympics .

There are several types of competitions available, namely rock climbing, skateboarding, table tennis, rugby, archery, beautiful swimming and even marathons. Now you can take part in several types of competitions according to your preferences. Hopefully, Buddy Lakuuu will be the winner of every competition that Buddy is participating in.

Instead of feeling curious about this Google Doodle, you should just enter it directly in the Google search browser application located on a smartphone. I hope you are able to follow the game well. Especially now that most people like this exciting game. Why should you feel doubt if you can follow it? Hopefully, Buddy Lakuuu can win the game well. After reading the reviews, of course Buddy Lakuuu understands the topic better.

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