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Check Credit Score With Tax ID Number

Check Credit Score With Tax ID Number -  Maybe you have experienced a condition where you had to borrow money because there was an urgent need that you couldn't leave. However, in the process of borrowing money there is a stage that you must go through before you can get a loan. The stage that you have to go through is called BI checking online.

The legal process of borrowing money or credit requires that anyone who wants to borrow must go through the BI checking process and is a mandatory requirement that you must pass. So that you can understand more about BI checking and the process, in this article, we will discuss:

Check Credit Score With Tax ID Number

• SLIK Online New Method of BI Checking Online

• How to Pass BI Checking Online

• How to Check BI Checking Online with SLIK Online

1. Visiting OJK Directly by Bringing Supporting Documents

2. Access SLIK Online

• Types of Credit Affecting iDeb SLIK

1. Mortgage or Home Ownership Loan

2. Credit Card

3. Motorcycle or Car Ownership Credit (KPM)

4. Unsecured Loans (KTA)

• Advantages of BI Checking Online or iDeb SLIK Online

SLIK Online New Method of BI Checking Online

Everyone must have a very urgent financial need. (Photo: Pexels)

iDeb SLIK online is the output made by the Debtor Information System and shows a person's history in making credit or borrowing money. The information system will issue individual debtor information that has information about the entire provision of funds for a debtor, whether it is smooth or problematic in the process.

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The individual debtor information also contains the entire history of payments made by a debtor within the last 2 years. The debtor information also contains information such as the identity of the prospective debtor, owner, management and the facilities for providing the funds they receive.

To ensure that money lending and credit services can continue to run properly and excellently, since January 1, 2018, the BI checking has changed its name to the Financial Information Service System or SLIK. So that you can borrow money more safely, SLIK is currently managed by the Financial Services Authority or OJK to ensure that there is no forgery or fraud in it.

For those of you who want to become a debtor and make loans, you can now check your credit quality record by using a service called debtor information or iDEB through SLIK. Until now, iDeb services and coverage have been expanded to finance institutions, bank financial institutions to non-bank financial institutions that have data access to debtors.

How to Pass BI Checking Online

A bad credit history will make it difficult for you to make money lending transactions. (Photo: Stuff)

It's the same when you want to borrow money, if you are interested in buying a property on credit, you automatically have to go through the BI checking stage as well. You don't need to be afraid that in the BI checking process you will be rejected. If you are interested in seeing the best way to find out the status and pass BI checking online, then you can read about it directly on how to remove the BI Checking blacklist from Rumah.com.

Want to pass BI checking online when applying for a mortgage? You can check through the new iDeb SLIK method online. Make sure your credit score is good and never late in paying your credit bill. Rumah.com recommends affordable housing of IDR 200 – IDR 350 million in West Java.

How to Check BI Checking Online with SLIK Online

Now you can easily check your own credit history. (Photo: Tech Financials)

So that you can check credit conditions or BI checking online, you need several requirements that you must complete and fulfill first. Below are some steps to create an iDeb so you can access SLIK online:

1. Visiting OJK Directly by Bringing Supporting Documents

The first step is that you can go directly to the OJK office which is located at Radius Prawiro Tower 2nd Floor, Bank Indonesia Office Complex on Jalan MH Thamrin Number 2, Jakarta. The documents you will need are:

• KTP for Indonesian citizens

• Passport for foreigners

• Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP) for business entities that want to make loans

• Deed of Incorporation

• Changes to the company's articles of association

After you have provided all the supporting data and forms, the OJK officers will carry out an inspection and if everything has been approved, the iDeb results will be printed. The OJK officer will confirm and submit the results of the iDeb to you as an applicant and you will provide a signature.

3. Motorcycle or Car Ownership Credit (KPM)

Having a private vehicle is one of the most enjoyable things. However, if you buy the vehicle on credit, your purchase transaction will automatically be recorded in the iDeb. It will be very dangerous if your vehicle ownership credit goes bad because it can make bad records on the iDeb later and when you want to process a home mortgage.

4. Unsecured Loans (KTA)

In addition, if you make a loan at a bank or Unsecured Credit, your borrowing history will be recorded and you must make payments in a disciplined manner so that you can apply for the next loan. Make sure that you borrow money if you really have to and for a very urgent need and not just for consumptive purposes.

Advantages of BI Checking Online or iDeb SLIK Online

Until a few years ago, all BI checking activities still had to be done manually. With manual checking, that requires you to come directly and check the condition of your credit history. However, thanks to advances in information technology that currently exist, you can do BI checking online or access iDeb SLIK wirelessly.

This condition is very effective considering that you don't have to waste time visiting the relevant office just to check your own credit history. In addition, the BI checking system will make your credit history important and you can check your own collectability quickly.

Those are some of the best guides for BI checking or iDeb SLIK online. By regularly checking your credit record, you can control your finances to be better and not wastefully use your money for things that are not important at all.

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