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Minimalist House in 2022

Delmywellbrock -Minimalist House in 2022 -Simplistic home designs change over time. Here's the latest minimalist home style in 2022!

The minimalist house has already become a favorite design for many people.

Proof of this, in almost every street and corner of the city, all homes apply minimalist design.

Well, among the many built houses, modern minimalist house designs have many types.

The most common of these are house types 21, 36, 54 and 70.

Not only from the area and size, the arrangement and plan of the house also differ.

Intrigued by the look of every minimalist home type design in 2022, what is the choice of many international designers?

Don't miss the full explanation with pictures only here!

Tips for choosing the best type of simple house

Before we take a look at the types of minimalist house designs in 2022, let's first learn the tips on choosing the right type of house!

The price of land is rising.

It is a good idea to choose wisely the type of home first before buying a dream home.


This is because not every home is suitable for its owner, whether in terms of financing, construction or design.

Do not regret after buying a home!

Here's how to choose the type of home you should consider.

1. Understand your own needs

Before you buy your dream minimalist home, first consider how small or large the house is.

Like a small family of 3, for example.

Buying a Type 36 or 45 home will feel more comfortable than buying a Type 21 or 120 home.

House type 21 will look very narrow while 120 will be very wide.

Family comfort is something to consider so that the experience of staying at home does not feel boring or anxious.

2. Understand the purpose of buying a home

Basically, we buy homes for a variety of reasons.

Most people buy homes for shelter and comfort.

However, few people buy these commercial buildings as an investment.

As we all know, housing prices are increasing day by day.

Buying a 24 or 36 type house is a great idea to get started in the investment field.

The price is still affordable and the building is easy to sell, so you will get more profit later.

4. Think about the location of the house

After serious consideration of the two points above, now is the time to think about the location of the house.

There are many things you have to accept.

First of all, check the condition of the environment around the house, whether it is too crowded or too quiet.

Second, pay attention to the places around the house.

Consider whether the house is close to important buildings.

The important buildings involved are major roads, hospitals, police stations or supermarkets.

A house located near some of the above (strategic) places will feel more comfortable and safe.

In addition, the price will be more expensive over time so that it can be saved in the future.

5. Thinking about the future of the house

What do you need to think about for the future of the home?

development process.

First of all, first ask the home developer if it is possible to develop your dwelling or not.

Do not let the family or the number of people in the house increase, the building should still be small.

If you can, think about how far you can expand your home.

Small minimalist house designs such as 24 and 36 often can't be built more than two levels.

In addition to the safety factor, the appearance of the house will not be ugly.

The latest design for the minimalist type of home

Minimalist House in 2022

Minimalist House in 2022

Minimalist House in 2022

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