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List of 5 Most Advanced Computers in the World

List of 5 Most Advanced Computers in the World

List of 5 Most Advanced Computers in the World - The list of the five most advanced computers in the world may not be widely known. Interestingly, one of the five was used to simulate Earth.

The development of technology in computers is increasingly advanced. Now there is even a technology called supercomputers or super-sophisticated computers.

This type of computer, of course, is only used by certain departments.

So, what are the five computers? Summarized from various sources, see the description below.

1. The Summit Supercomputer

The first supercomputer was The Summit Supercomputer which was able to run a program with a power of 200 Petaflops, or 14 times more powerful than the supercomputer in Barcelona.

The Summit was built by American scientists to develop studies in the field of Earth's energy. This computer is also used by NASA and the US Department of Energy for data processing.

Not only that, this computer is also used to develop several kinds of Earth simulations.

2. Sunway TaihuLight

Supercomputer owned by China is claimed to be one of the most sophisticated in the world. Scientists and academics built this computer with advanced equipment, such as using more than 40 thousand RISC SW26010 processors.

Although in its manufacture the scientists encountered various challenges, but they managed to make a computer that can do various kinds of heavy tasks. Such as for climate studies, nuclear simulations, real world weather simulations, biomolecules, and DNA sequencing.

Reportedly, the Chinese government poured funds amounting to Rp. 7.5 trillion for the manufacture of the super computer.

3. MareNostrum 4

This computer built in 2017 has a 13.9 Petaflop GPU. This powerful supercomputer belongs to Spain which is named MareNostrum 4.

The purpose of building this super computer is to carry out activities in the telecommunications industry and also to carry out digital research at European universities.

4. Connection Machine 5

Connection Machine or CM 5 is located at the American Cryptology Museum. The RAM capacity of this super computer is 2 TB.

Although this computer was originally made for experiments, apparently CM 5 was once used to process data at the NSA or the National Security Agency.

What's unique about CM 5 is that there are red lights that indicate if the computer is diagnosing something.

5. Fugaku

Japan's Fugaku is claimed to be the most advanced supercomputer in the world. This computer was founded by Fujitsu and RIKEN which took approximately 7 years.

Super computer with a price of Rp. This 14 trillion can be used for studies, simulations, research, and research on medical matters. This computer has demonstrated its capabilities when dealing with COVID-19 in Japan, which treatment was obtained through a simulation of the Fugaku program.

Thus the explanation of the list of the five most sophisticated computers in the world, may be useful.

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