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Andra Day had to go on a starvation diet to play singer Billie Holiday

Andra Day had to go on a starvation diet to play singer Billie Holiday - She has tips for anyone looking to lose weight and look skinny like she did when she played singer Billie Holiday in US vs Billie Holidays.

He simply said "No".

The Singer and actress, 36, lost 40 pounds to become a jazz singer from the 1930s to the 1950s. As a result of his strict diet, he said at the time that he appeared to be undernourished and lacking in exercise.

In her book, she said, "Although Billie was amazing, her body was of a woman in her forties who had been marred by drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, staying up late and not being taken care of. So I had to look softer and thinner." Sheep magazine cover story. September.

Because of her experience, she warns people not to do the same. During the diet, he admits that he is hungry, eats less, is starving again, and then overeats.

It made many people curious about his methods, some even wanted to imitate him. But Dai immediately forbade him.

"It doesn't allow you to think clearly," he said. "It's very confusing. It makes you sleepy and disoriented."

Despite his hunger, his role in the film won him a Golden Globe. After that, she returned to her normal routine and a healthier diet. Now his body felt more comfortable.

"Now, I enjoy the way my body feels, my movement, all these things. I want to keep running, keep training with weights, and keep eating well—and I also have random Cheetos moments."

To restore that healthier body, Day does the things that make her feel better, like praying and exercising.

"My healthy habit is my relationship with God," she says. “I try to take time to pray, read and reflect on what I read every day. I do it as soon as I wake up, or at night before I go to sleep. Sometimes I do both just to keep my head focused.”

He also says that exercise makes his day better because his mind is clearer and his body is working optimally throughout the day.

"Exercise helps me feel more capable. It helps me make better decisions. I often feel like brain fog is a problem for me, but when I exercise regularly and drink more water, I feel my head really clearer. What an exciting feeling." Andra Day said.

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